How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Essential Oils

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essential oils for stretch marks
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Essential oils have myriads of benefits for stretch marks along with other health concerns. In this article, we will tell you the best essential oils for stretch marks, including argan oil, bitter almond oil, bitter orange oil, lavender oil, neroli oil, etc. 

These natural oils are good for improving the elasticity of the skin. A few essential oils are best for reducing the stretch marks caused by pregnancy. And these stretch marks can appear on different parts of the body such as buttocks, thighs, breasts, abdomen, etc.

Pure and natural essential oils are made of plant and its parts where different extraction processes, including steam distillation and cold-pressed use. The natural oil contains the essence of the plant and its parts and has distinct properties that can be beneficial for different health concerns.

These natural essential oils have several robust medicinal properties that make them effective for treating the different kinds of ailments, including best for respiratory, cough, flu, fever, skin, hair, and other problems. The usage of natural oils is described in the ancient text of India, Egypt, Arab, China, and other countries. These are used for different purposes including for aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and for cosmetics purposes. Worldwide, research and study are being conducted on natural essential oils which helps to understand the benefits & impact on treating different problems.

In the context of therapeutic properties, we find that these natural essential oils have analgesic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antidepressant, and many more properties. The chemical composition of natural oils makes them outstanding for various applications. These have a soothing and pleasant fragrance which is helpful for influencing the brain’s limbic system.

Which Essential Oils are Used for Stretch Marks  

In the above section, we have discussed a little about the natural essential oils. Now in this section, we will have a short discussion of the best natural essential oils for stretch marks.

Argan Oil

Argan essential oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils for stretch marks where it can drive excellent results. On applying to the skin, this natural product offers robust benefits. Argan oil is rich in various nutrients including Vitamin E, Sterol and essential fatty acids. Furthermore, it’s good in treating skin problems, therefore used in skincare products. It’s used in cosmetic products, and in shampoos, soaps, and in conditioners. It’s one of the best essential oils for stretch marks during pregnancy.

Moreover, this natural essential oil is good for improving skin elasticity and can heal the skin faster. Besides this anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of this natural essential oil helps in reducing the symptoms of different skin conditions such as psoriasis, and rosacea. Argan essential oil is also very effective for treating hormonal acne due to its anti-sebum effect. It can promote the soother and calming effect.

Shea Butter

Shea butter oil is another best product for treating different skin conditions. It’s a carrier oil that is used for diluting the natural essential oil. Shea butter is mostly used for hydrating the skin. If you want to eradicate the stretch marks, then Shea butter could be one of the best choices. 

This natural oil is enriched with vitamin A, and helpful for increasing the blood circulation level in the body, and very effective for faster wound healing. Research evident that this natural product is quite helpful for stretch marks.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the finest natural products which can be beneficial for stretch marks. This natural product has antioxidant and hydration properties that make it good for the skincare routine.


Neroli essential oil is one of the robust pure and natural essential oils which is made from bitter orange trees, and it’s helpful for lightening of skin as well as diminishing the scars and stretch marks. It’s scientifically known as Citrus aurantium and belongs to the Rutaceae family. The tree of neroli can reach up to the height from 5 to 7 meters. Neroli has several benefits, including – rejuvenation of skin that can moisturize the skin and boosts the cell regeneration process. 

It’s further good for balancing the sebum production. And perfect for the acne and inflammation. Moreover, it’s best for eliminating skin infections. In addition, the medicinal properties of this natural product make it effective for treating sleep-related problems, as well as for stress, anxiety, and depression-related problems. In the case of pain and inflammation, this natural product is considered good for reducing sensitivity and inflammation.

Pomegranate oil 

Pomegranate essential oil is also another best product which is made from pomegranate seeds. This contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In the study, it was found that this is a natural remedy for stretch marks and can prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Mostly, it’s used in cosmetic products such as best for skin elasticity. 

The pomegranate oil is also beneficial for soothing muscle pain, increases collagen production, and can rejuvenate the strengthening of hair. In addition, it’s best for reducing swelling.

How to Use Essential Oils for Stretch Marks

Essential oils can be effective if these are used in the proper manner. The natural essential oil, when mixed with the carrier oil, can be applied to the skin directly. Which further can be good for stretch mark problems, burning, and irritation sensation. On dilution, the concentration of natural oils reduces to a greater degree which is good. 

Is It Risky To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

It would be better to use essential oils during pregnancy after the consultation with your doctor. First of all, it would be better to avoid natural oils during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Many essential oils are considered safe during the pregnancy, but a few natural essential oils can produce the negative side effects during the pregnancy. Therefore, we should take the advice of the doctor prior to using the same.

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