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Since antiquity, essential oils have been used to support mood and general mental health. Essential oil compounds are known to alter the chemistry of the body and brain when ingested or applied topically. This is accomplished by stimulating the olfactory receptors in the nose or by absorption through the skin.

For instance, the limbic system, a group of intricate yet interconnected brain structures that assist in controlling our emotional experiences, including our stress levels and motivational drive, can be stimulated by the smell of an essential oil. The neurochemistry of the body may change as a result. For instance, the release of serotonin can ultimately improve mood while lowering anxiety.

This is not true of all essential oils, and a person’s personality can also influence how they react to a particular essential oil.

Aromatherapy Oils for Healing

The sweet, earthy, citrusy aroma of rose geranium essential oil, set against lovely rosy-floral notes, can immediately lift your spirits and inspire feelings of hope, happiness, and optimism for the future. Planting Rose Geranium around one’s home was once thought to have the ability to ward off evil spirits. This sweet-smelling oil may have a mild sedative effect on some people while boosting their energy levels in others.

The aroma of helichrysum essential oil is pleasantly sweet, herbaceous, and strong without being overpowering. Its seductive, calming aroma encourages a sense of calmness and restoration, and studies have shown that its healing properties specifically help with mental recovery. It can, for instance, improve feelings of alertness and creativity when combined with basil and mint oils and inhaled to help with mental fatigue, deal with physical or emotional stress, and other things.

Chamomile, Lavender, Clary Sage, Rose, Clove Bud, and any citrus essential oil blend well with it.

Essential Oils To Promote Emotional wellbeing

The aroma of frankincense essential oil is divinely grounding, woodsy, spicy, and intensely warming. In aromatherapy, frankincense is used to calm down feelings of fear and anxiety that can cloud one’s sense of judgment and optimism. Frankincense has been used for centuries in sacred and religious rituals because it was thought to strengthen one’s spirituality while warding off evil forces. When one is feeling particularly bad, its oil is especially beneficial for enhancing mental toughness and self-acceptance.

The exotic scent of neroli essential oil and its advantageous effects on mental health are well-known. Its crisp, citrus-like scent is prized in perfumery and is also thought to aid in grieving and calm people’s emotional reactions to traumatic events. Those who start to feel anxious or have racing thoughts right before bed can also benefit from the calming effects of neroli oil.

Essential oils For Loneliness

The aroma of patchouli essential oil is potent and lingeringly musky, with very faint fruity, grassy, or sweet undertones. If Patchouli (Dark) is too overpowering for you, try Patchouli (Light), which has a slightly less potent scent.

Patchouli oil is praised for its aphrodisiac properties and capacity to elevate depressive moods that can be accompanied by feelings of loneliness and despair. It is a fearless fragrance in and of itself.

Blends well with the following scents: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cassia, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Opoponax, Orange, and Rose.

The aroma of basil sweet essential oil is bright, radiating, herbaceous, and slightly sweet floral. Some people might find its energizing scent helpful in taming unfavorable emotions brought on by detachment, homesickness, or isolation. In aromatherapy, basil sweet is said to support emotional control and mental toughness, reducing the possibility of depression or mental sluggishness. In fact, the herb was used in traditional Jewish practices to give those who were fasting mental endurance.

Essential Oils for Tiredness & Lethargy

The energizing and soothing aroma of peppermint essential oil is thought to increase levels of concentration and mental focus. If combined with gentle massage therapy, it also helps tired or sore muscles when applied topically while promoting circulation. When diffused, the sharp, mint-like scent of peppermint essential oil is especially stimulating to the senses. It can center perception to promote better present-moment mindfulness, which can wane at times of exhaustion.

The characteristically spicy scent of clove bud essential oil is incredibly restorative for both mental and physical sluggishness. The mind and spirit are immediately energized and enlivened when clove essential oil is diffused. It has a particularly well-known reputation in aromatherapy for its energizing and neuroprotective properties, which can aid in the fight against fatigue or mental fogginess.

Blends well with: Other spice essential oils like nutmeg, cinnamon bark, citronella, grapefruit, lemon, orange, peppermint, rosemary, and rose.

The earthy, potent scent of vetiver essential oil is slightly similar to that of patchouli. This grassy oil is used in aromatherapy to treat mental drowsiness and provide a profound sense of calmness and relaxation.

Essential Oils for Motivation 

Like most other citrus essential oils, lemon essential oil can be extremely stimulating to the senses. In fact, some think it may have a similar impact on the body, enhancing metabolic processes and promoting weight loss. Diffusing lemon oil can increase mental clarity, enabling one to focus more intently, stop procrastinating, and make better decisions. A happy and upbeat mood is also known to be brought on by its potent, tart fragrance.

The citrusy, fresh, and upbeat aroma of grapefruit essential oil can instantly lift one’s spirits while reviving their motivation, drive, and desires. It is valued in holistic and alternative therapies for helping to increase one’s energy levels while stifling negative emotions and tendencies like idleness. This essential oil is multifaceted and has many uses. When compared to the more bitter Grapefruit White Oil, some people will find the Grapefruit Pink Oil to have a slightly sweeter aroma.


Enjoying the advantages of essential oils while using them sensibly and safely is crucial. This entails never applying them undiluted, conducting a skin patch test before application, being aware of the sun’s effects after application, and purchasing them from an ethical company with a reputation for quality and purity.

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