What are Essential Oils & Its Health Benefits?

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benefits of essential oils
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Natural essential oils are perfect for treating various health concerns and safe for usage. There is an array of essential oils including – lavender, lemon, bergamot, clary sage etc. Essential oils have their own unique properties and characteristics which make them good for different purposes. Here we will see the essential oils and its health benefits.

Not from now! Natural oils have been used for centuries to accomplish certain important tasks including to treat anxiety, stress, pain, hormonal imbalance in the body. They are mostly used for culinary purpose, healing wounds, and 

There are certain other medicinal applications of the natural essential oils due to their antifungal, anti-depression, anticancer, anti-inflammatory properties. They are widely used in personal care, beauty, food and beverage industry, and aromatherapy. In a short period of time, they have gained popularity over other healthcare products. We’ve compiled a list of the best essential oils along with benefits of essential oils.

How Essential Oils Obtained?

Essential oils are obtained from a variety of extraction processes including the steam-distillation, cold-pressed, Co2 extraction, solvent extraction etc. After procuring raw material from its natural habitat, it further goes for steam distillation or any other extraction process. A series of temperature and pressure is applied to extract the essence of the plant. 

While extracting the same, we use – flowers, leaves, stems, shoots, roots, and other parts of plants.

The highly extracted liquid includes the natural smell and flavour or essence of its source.

Chemical Composition and Internal Properties

Natural essential oils contain the amazing therapeutic properties which can drive fruitful results in the treatment of various health concerns. They can be good natural products for mental and physical well-being. The essential oils are a complex mixture of over 300 different types of chemical compounds including the following compounds such as – nerolidol, Linalool, Limonene, γ-selinene, geraniol, α-bisabolol, γ-terpinyl acetate, cedryl acetate etc. 

Chemical composition of essential oils makes it antibacterial, antifungal, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory etc. And because of these properties, essential oils are widely used in skin, hair, heart, anxiety, depression and other types of health concerns.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils 

In brief, we see that essential oils are quite effective in boosting the energy levels, relieving headaches, calming the nervous system, and increasing focus and concentration. It’s also pretty much helpful to treat various skin conditions and hair problems. Now, ahead we will discuss in detail about the benefits of natural essential oils. 

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Depression and stress are the most prevalent health concerns these days. And excellent to treat emotional imbalance, mood disorders, as well as reduce the physical and emotional symptoms. These have calming, relaxing and soothing properties to deal with anxiety, depression and stress-related problems. 

They are good to eliminate the issue of restlessness and sadness. Lavender, lemongrass, clary sage, bergamot etc. are used to overcome these problems.


As we know that essential oils contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties. And excellent for treating the skin conditions- such as acne, dry and oily skin, dark spot, blemishes etc. It works better as the natural hydrator and can repair the dry skin as well. You can use the essential oils to your skincare routine. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for reducing inflammation.

Chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, clary sage, rosemary, frankincense etc. are the great examples of skin’s essential oils. These are widely used for dry skin, creams and moisturizers. 


Hair can beautify your look and appearance, and make you feel confident. There are various types of cosmetic and hair care products in the market, but natural essential oils are unmatched. They have an excellent range of nourishing properties that work better on the hair, and it can speed up hair growth. Essential oils are used as an ingredient in shampoo and conditioner. And ensure better hair growth with healthier and stronger.

How Do Essential Oil Works? 

We’ve learned about the benefits of essential oils – but it’s important to know how these essential oils work? Essential oils are extracted from the plants and have great potential to deal with the various health problems. These essential oils are used by two modes one is a topical application, and another one is inhalation. While applying topically, they penetrate the skin and go into the bloodstream. 

Further, it stimulates the brain’s limbic system. In case of inhalation, the molecules of essential oils are transferred through the nasal nerve.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oil?

Essential oil is concentrated liquid which is derived from the different parts of the plants. It possesses the essence of the plant’s fragrance. Natural essential oil is either extracted from the steam distillation or cold-pressed technique and collected at the final stage of the extraction process. But the question is still the same, how we can choose the best essential oil to accomplish our purpose.

Each and every essential oil has its own significance and properties, and it’s uptop us to choose the perfect essential oil. They are commonly used as ingredients in incense, soaps, cosmetics, and add flavouring to certain drinks and food items. However, they can be dangerous or even can be hazardous if taken by the mouth.

There are certain ways to decide which essential oils you must opt, for example, the medical history of either you have some sort of allergic reactions or any other problem. Meanwhile, there are other things – including the company, certification, and mode of application. In case you face challenges to choose the best product for you, then you can go with suggestions provided by the aromatherapists and doctors.

Where to Buy Natural Essential Oils?

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