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Can We Use Lavender Essential Oil for the Face?

February 12, 2021 by
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Can We Use Lavender Essential Oil for the Face?

There are so many natural essential oils on the market which are used for skincare products. Among the list of best natural essential oils for the face, Lavender essential oil has its own spot. In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of lavender essential oil for the face. We are the leading manufacturer –  offering you 100% Bulk Pure Lavender Essential Oil in India.

Today, globally people have shown faith in natural products where each product has its own significance. A few natural essential oils are used for stress relief, sleep-promoting, for aromatherapy. 

What is Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the finest natural products available in the market which are derived from the lavender plant and has great efficacy to deal with skin and related problems. The lavender essential oil can be used in different ways to get better results. You can take it orally, applied to the skin, or can breathe through aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia (Family: Lamiaceae). This natural product contains linalyl acetate, linalool, 1,8-cineole, Lavandula acetate, and camphor that make it a robust product for different kinds of health problems including skin, wrinkles, acne, hair health, and digestion.

Lavender Oil for Acne

Lavender essential oil is quite good to heal acne breakouts. It’s pretty much helpful to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. In order to get effective results, it’s good to dilute lavender oil with coconut oil or any other good carrier oil. The lavender essential oil will produce better results after using it in your daily skincare routine.

Here it’s also good to note that you can use the lavender oil as a facial toner where you need to mix two drops of lavender oil with another oil like witch hazel (1 teaspoon). Soak a cotton ball in the blend, and thereafter just gently rub it over your face. Lavender essential oil is quite effective on pimples when you mix one drop of lavender oil with a drop of argan oil. It delivers outstanding results when you apply directly onto a pimple two times a day. We are one of the leading manufacturers in India and can provide you with bulk natural lavender essential oil from India.

Lavender Essential oil is Good for Eczema and Dry Skin

Eczema can be shown up anywhere on your body, where your skin becomes dry, itchy, and scaly. Eczema can appear mild or chronic and in multiple locations. Its antifungal properties make it an outstanding product while reducing inflammation and keeps eczema at bay. Lavender essential oil is also effective in cleansing your skin and lessening the redness as well as irritation.

Lavender Oil for Skin Lightening

Lavender essential oil is one of the best natural products used for skin lightening and helps in reducing inflammation.  Lavender essential oil is a wonderful natural product helping to reduce discoloration and dark spots. It can reduce blotchiness and redness. This natural product is quite good for hyperpigmentation on your skin.

Lavender Oil for Face Wrinkles

Lavender essential oil is an excellent natural product considered effective for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Lavender oil is full of different sorts of properties including – antioxidants that help in protecting the skin from free radicals. A few drops of lavender essential oil with a perfect carrier oil like coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer once or twice a day.

Anti-Inflammatory Property Make it Perfect for Face

Lavender essential oil’s pain-relieving and numbing effect help in soothing the inflammation. To treat the different types of face related issues, it’s good to use the lavender essential oil appropriately. Lavender essential oil is quite beneficial to soothe inflammation and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

To get the best outcomes on the skin, it’s best to combine one to three drops of lavender oil with moringa or coconut oil. You can apply the same three times a day and apply the same on your skin or face. In case you have a sunburn problem, lavender oil spray can be beneficial.

Wound Healing Properties

Lavender essential oil’s wound healing properties make it a perfectly natural product to speed up the healing process. In case you have a burn, cut, scrape, or another wound on your face then this natural product can be quite helpful for speed up the wound healing process. To get the best results – it’s good to use lavender oil on small wounds where you can mix three or four drops of lavender oil with a few drops of coconut or tamanu oil. This natural essential oil is quite effective to reduce the remaining scars as well.

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Is There a Difference Between Sage And Clary Sage?

February 5, 2021 by
attars, carrier oil benefits, diffusers, essential oil benefits, essential oil manufacturers & suppliers, essential oils, extraction methods, floral water benefits, natural essential oils, Numerology

Is There a Difference Between Sage And Clary Sage?

At the first sight, you might be confused between the name sage and clary sage. Where you may think that both are the same natural product but are different. Both Sage and Clary sage essential oils are being used in various herbal recipes and natural treatments. These were popular in the ancient Roman and Greek Medicine system. Clary sage and sage essential oils have different types of phytochemicals and bioactive compounds that make them effective to deal with a number of health concerns. Both natural products are good for skin, hair, and health issues. Floral Essential Oils– a leading Natural essential oils manufacturers in India works hard to deliver high-quality clary sage and sage essential oils through the traditional and advanced extraction process. To extract the oil natural raw materials are used.

Among the list of natural products clary sage and sage essential oil have their own significance, these are good for treating a number of health concerns and used in various applications. These essential oils have properties like-antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, antiseptic, sedative, stimulant, and many more. All these natural products will help you a lot to deal with a number of health concerns. A few are good to boost energy and help in digestion, relieve stress, calm nerves, increase focus, improve the mood, reduce anxiety, and are great for relaxation. Globally, the natural essential oil market is increasing at a rapid pace, and soon it will touch an unexpected mark.

Difference Between Sage and Clary Sage Oil

The first difference between sage and clary sage oil is their smell, both have slightly different smells. The sage oil has a stronger and more spicy odor where clary sage has a lighter aroma. The chemical qualities, odor, and characteristics of both essential oils are different and don’t have any resemblance. Sage and Clary sage essential oils are good enough for treating a number of health concerns. Including – skin irritation, stomach upset, and it’s excellent as a base ingredient when creating a recipe.

Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil for Skin

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a kind of flowering herb which is mainly found in the Mediterranean Basin. Clary sage natural essential oil is extracted from the leaves and buds of plants and has an outstanding clean, and refreshing scent.  Clary sage essential oil has a lighter and sweeter fragrance therefore it’s more suitable for different kinds of skin problems. It’s safe for sensitive skin types. Organic sage essential oil is a wonderful natural product offering you lots of skincare benefits.

It’s widely used in aromatherapy where it is quite good to keep your mind calm and reduce feelings of anxiety. It has greater efficacy to impact your brain and can regulate the emotional imbalance. Clary sage’s antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects can produce positive results. Clary sage essential oil is considered the best for stress relief. Its smell can trigger memory and help to regain focus and concentration. This natural product is quite good for reducing blood pressure.

Organic Clary sage has antibacterial properties that make them good for the treatment of wound care where it can prevent infectious bacteria. Diluted clary sage essential oil is excellent for bacterial strains.

Organic Sage Oil for Skin and Other Problems

Sage oil is one of the best natural products that provide relief from skin abrasions, diminishes the appearance of blemishes, and also perfectly fit for stretch marks, sores, and swellings. This natural product has moisturizing and conditioning properties that make them good for soothing dryness and irritation related problems.

Whenever sage essential oil is massaged onto the skin’s surface when it’s diluted with coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil then it helps in improving the cell and tissue growth. This natural product is effective to keep skin free of toxins and free-radicals. Moreover 

whether it’s diluted with coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil then it helps in improving fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot.

Sage essential oil works as the natural skin toner where it’s good for removing excess sebum and dead skin cells. These dead skin cells and sebum oil cause the blocking of pores and form blemishes. In order to get the best results, it’s good to apply Sage oil (2-3 drops to clean the face). It can produce positive results and can eradicate germs and bacteria which can be the cause of inflammation and infections.

Sage Essential Oil for Hot Flashes and Menopause

Here it’s also worth important noting that sage essential oil has greater efficacy to balance hormones. This natural product is also the best fit for mood swings, hot flushes, loss of sleep, and hair loss. This natural product produces relaxation from the stress and anxiety issues that are most needed during the menopause condition. Sleep is necessary during menopause. Sage essential oil is a wonderful natural product offering you good results on Menopause related issues. You can get better results after applying it topically on the stomach, as well as around the neck. Dilute it in the tea and ingest it orally (2-4 drops of either or in total).

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What are the Best Fragrance Oils for Soap Making?

January 27, 2021 by
attars, carrier oil benefits, diffusers, essential oil benefits, essential oil manufacturers & suppliers, essential oils, extraction methods, floral water benefits, natural essential oils, Numerology

What are the Best Fragrance Oils for Soap Making?

In soap making, every fragrance oil has its own significance. Some scents can mesmerize you & make you feel confident as well as keep you high. In this section, our prime objective is to make you aware of the different types of best fragrance oils for soap making.

We’ve heard about essential oils as well, but there’s a difference between fragrance oil and essential oil. Fragrance oils are synthetic and made up of 40-50 materials. If you belong to the Soap Making Industry, it’s necessary for you to keep informed yourselves about these fragrance oils. There are plenty of fragrance oils in the market, and sometimes it becomes difficult to find out which one would be the best for you. Every soap marker knows about the different types of fragrance and the internal chemical composition of the fragrance oil.

The natural products market has been touching new heights due to the growing popularity of natural products like essential oils, absolute oils, carrier oils, and organic essential oils. Internal chemical properties, aroma, and characteristics make them fit for use in different industry verticals i.e. pharmaceuticals, soap making, candle making, cosmetic and beauty products.

Best Fragrance Oils for Soap – A Quick Overview

Let’s check out the different types of soap fragrance oils that we’ve compiled to boost your knowledge.

Lavender Fragrance Oil

Lavender is always the perfect choice for making soap products, Lavender flowers & fragrance oil provides relaxation. Lavender is one of the most versatile natural products that’s widely used in making skincare products & soaps. It contains robust therapeutic properties & a very pleasant fragrance that help in soothing the mind and body. In the context of skincare – Lavender fragrance oil is known best to deal with skin inflammation, irritation, redness, blotchy patches, and acne. Meanwhile, it’s great for promoting healthy hair, lessen hair loss, and helps to grow hair at a faster speed. Along with pleasant fragrance – lavender offers healthy skin as it has robust therapeutic properties like antibacterial properties. Its excellence makes it one of the best fragrance oils for soap.

Jasmine Fragrance Oil For Soap

Jasmine fragrance oil is the perfect blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers. Jasmine possesses the spirit of uplifting fragrance therefore it’s considered as one of the finest natural products for various skincare applications. It’s good for acne, dark spots, scar marks, and unevenness. Jasmine oil is known for its efficacy to deal with eczema and dermatitis issues. Jasmine fragrance oil for soap making as it’s good for nourishing the skin and produces a natural glow. Moreover, it’s perfect for slowing down the aging process.

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil for Soap

Sandalwood fragrance oil contains beneficial aromatic compounds & has a pleasant fragrance. It has the classic scent of sandalwood, and top notes of jasmine, cedarwood, gardenia mid notes. If we talk about Sandalwood we find that this natural product is good against acne, exfoliates skin, and helps to reduce the signs of aging. Moreover, Sandalwood is known for calming the mind and revitalizing you. It also falls under the category of the best fragrance oils for soap.

Tuberose Fragrance Oil for Soap

Tuberose fragrance oil is best for soap making and candle. Its citrus, green leaves, fruity, spicy notes make it good for different applications. It’s excellent for soap and skincare products. It’s widely used in liquid and bar soap, conditioners, shampoos, body washes, shaving creams, etc. In the context of Tuberose, it’s good for increasing blood flow and having antifungal and antibacterial properties. Its fragrance can ease tension as well as stress. In the list of best soap fragrance oils for soap, Tuberose fragrance oil has its own spot.

Rose Fragrance Oil

Rose fragrance is always enticing and mesmerizing, therefore Rose fragrance oil is best for use in the making of soaps and traditional medicine. Rose fragrance can uplift the mood and have the potential to make the day joyful.

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Fragrance Oil

Sweet orange chili pepper fragrance oil for soap has a great scent, and it’s perfectly blended with Tart Cassis, Orange juice, Ground Pepper, Sheer Musk, Tangerine Zest and Valencia Orange. This fragrance oil soaped at room temperature where it can be a great choice for different soap markers.

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Sweet Basil Essential Oil – A Panacea

January 20, 2021 by
attars, carrier oil benefits, diffusers, essential oil benefits, essential oil manufacturers & suppliers, essential oils, extraction methods, floral water benefits, natural essential oils, Numerology

Sweet Basil Essential Oil – A Panacea

Plenty of natural essential oils are good for different kinds of health concerns. Basil leaves are used as traditional medicine. A few natural products are good for keeping your mind relaxed and keep you energized throughout the day. In this section, our prime objective is to learn about the sweet basil essential oil.

Sweet Basil essential oil is extracted from the leaves of  Ocimum basilicum where it has an airy, vibrant, uplifting, and soothing fragrance. Sweet basil has a number of therapeutic properties including – antioxidant, antimicrobial, soothing, stimulating, tightening, cleansing, expectorant, nervine, energizing, antispasmodic, antimicrobial and digestive. Sweet basil essential oil is quite an effective offering you world-class, 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil is perfect, having great potential to deal with skin and hair problems, therefore it falls under the category of the best natural essential oils for hair health & skincare. In aromatherapy sweet basil essential oil is widely used, it helps to ease tension, mental fatigue, migraines, and tiredness. It provides mental clarity and is effective for relieving stress. Basil contains various minerals and vitamins. As well as this is quite good due to having antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene. 

Natural essential oil’s market is full of a number of natural essential oils like – lavender, clary sage,  Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, rosemary essential oil, and many more. All these natural essential oils are good for a plethora of health benefits. The growing demand of natural essential oils is raising their level to the NEXT LEVEL. Buy sweet basil India essential oil at the best price at our store.

Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Let’s have a quick overview of the health benefits of sweet basil essential oil so that you could have a better understanding of product. It’s a royal herb having a plethora of health benefits. This natural essential oil is widely used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy, massage therapies, and pharmaceuticals. Hence excellent for better care and curing various ailments.

Digestive System

Basil Sweet Essential Oil is a wonderful natural product that is helpful for relieving digestion related problems including painful digestion, gastric spasms, nausea, flatulence, and other digestive issues. Sweet basil essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties where it’s also good for correcting pH level and can balance the acid’s amount. Basil Sweet essential oil has eugenol, linalool, citronellol, and other useful internal components that make it effective for bowel issues.

Stress and Anxiety

Basil Essential oil is considered effective for day-today stress and anxiety issues. This natural oil is widely used in aromatherapy to mood uplift. It produces a calming effect and keeps the body and mind relaxed. 

Muscle/ Joints Problems 

This natural essential oil is quite good for joint-related problems where it’s excellent for painful joints. This natural product is helpful for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, strains, sprains, and joint pain, and tired muscles. 

Nervous System

Basil sweet contains the phenol compounds that make it excellent for producing a calming effect and can relieve stress. It enhances the concentration, focus, and clarity of the mind. It keeps the mental fatigue at bay. Basil essential oil’s soothing and calming aroma makes it perfect for influencing the brain’s limbic system.

Promotes the Hair Growth

Among the list of best natural essential oils for hair growth, basil sweet ranks TOP. This natural essential oil can speed up hair growth and can improve scalp circulation. Basil Sweet natural essential oil is pretty much effective to stimulate the hair follicles. This is a wonderful natural product that can promote new healthy hair. It’s great as a refreshing massage oil. Basil Essential Oil is used in many shampoos, conditioners, and for aromatherapy purposes.

Basil Oil for Skin Problems

Basil essential oil is good due to its anti-inflammatory properties where it can work effectively in warding off skin irritation, wounds, and sores. The presence of Vitamin C can boost skin cells’ metabolism to a greater degree. Basil natural essential oil is beneficial for removing excess sebum, dirt, dead cells and other types of impurities. Its properties can make it good in lowering down the swellings and pimples issues. 

To get effective results, it’s better to mix basil sweet oil with rose water and lemon juice to remove the acne forever. Moreover, Basil sweet’s strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it effective to cure different kinds of skin diseases. It can promote skin disease healing.

How to Use Basil Sweet Essential Oil

  • To get better results on aching muscles, inflammation, swelling and tightness. Dilute 2-3 drops of Basil Essential Oil with a suitable carrier oil and apply the same to the affected area.
  • To get relief from the Chest congestion, just add basil essential oil with an appropriate tablespoon and massage it. Carrier oils can be Jojoba and Coconut Essential Oil.
  • To soothe & prevent the acne breakout issue, it’s good to dilute the 1-2 drops of basil essential with a fast-absorbing carrier oil. People can use the sweet almond and Argan oil and can dip a cotton ball into the blend.

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020

July 15, 2020 by
best essential oil diffusers

Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020

Diffusers play a significant role in aromatherapy; therefore, it’s quite important to know more about the best essential oils diffusers which are popular in 2020. These products are much required and effective to keep the space smelling good and provide you with a pleasant ambience.

As essential oils have several attributes that make them perfect for various health problems especially in case of anxiety, depression, emotional imbalance, etc. Here we are going to talk a little bit about the essential oils and keep our focus on aromatherapy oil diffusers.

Natural essential oils are the highly concentrated plant extracts that are very beneficial to capture the plant’s essence and fragrance. These days these natural products are used in aromatherapy for getting therapeutic benefits. These natural oils are good for relaxing the mind and body, as well as for uplifting the mood, energizing the body, etc.

There are several ways to make your home fragrant, where a few methods are quite easier while some are safer. It’s clear that essential oils diffusers are trending one, and having the potential to freshen up the home.

Way to Use Essential Oils

Before moving ahead, here it would be better to understand why diffusers are so important. As we know that essential oils have great potential to treat various health problems. These are applied topically & inhaled to avail the benefits of essential oils. The molecules of essential oils are absorbed through the skin and mix with the bloodstream. After this, they reach up to the brain and influence the brain to perform necessary activities.

If we talk about the essential oils for the diffuser, we find that peppermint, lavender, tea tree oil, bergamot, jasmine, chamomile, ylang-ylang, and many more essential oils can be used for this. 

A Brief Intro of Best Essential Oils Diffuser Popular In 2020

In aromatherapy, diffusers are widely used due to their efficacy to spread the essential oil’s molecules in the air and produce a pleasant and soothing aroma everywhere. This further helps in reducing stress, anxiety and tension. Now let’s have a quick glimpse of aromatherapy oil diffusers.

Water Capacity – 1500 ml Diffuser

The water capacity diffuser is quite effective and the best one because of its water tank which has 1500 millilitres of capacity. This diffuser can run for 10-20 hours, and its 270-degree knob allows greater control. This works as aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier, where it’s effective for 450 square feet. 

Silent Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

This diffuser is widely used in different places i.e. from office to kitchen, and it comes in stylish black or wood grain finish. It has low, medium and high adjustable settings, and can run for 12 hours or can set a timer to automatically switch off the diffuser. If the water tank of the diffuser gets empty, then this unit will shut off automatically. 


The most important point about this aromatherapy diffuser is that it works through the ultrasonic vibrations. These are the high-frequency sound waves which have efficacy to break-down the microparticles. This is further effective for the night and good to provide relaxation and allows the diffuser to run without any noise. This is fit for different types of oils, and it’s one of the best essential oils diffusers.

Auto Shut Off Aromatherapy Diffuser

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is one of the best choices, which can be effective to produce good results in the nighttime. It is featured with the candlelight mode, where it’s equipped with a set of moods, and has rotation selection capacity and coloured lights.

This aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect one having 200 millilitres of the tank, which can run for a longer duration of 6 six hours to 12 hours. It has been provided with safety, where it can shut off the function in order to conserve the oil as well as prevent the unit from being damaged. This spread the fragrance in the room as well as easy to use and for maintenance.

Warm and Cool Ultrasonic Humidifier

The ultrasonic humidifier is one of the best diffusers for aromatherapy, where it’s effective to humidify the air. The air will humidify with the cool and warm mist. This humidifier has the power to run for 26 hours with automatic shut-off functions. The versatile essential oil tray adds value, and the 360-degree nozzle can provide better coverage. This is quite good for covering the 200 square feet, and its settings are easily adjustable.

Budget-Friendly Aromatherapy Diffuser

Here we will talk about the budget-friendly diffuser, which is easy to operate. In order to use it effectively, you should fill the water tank and must add essential oil drops in it. Now connect this with the power source, and set the mist. This diffuser is quite fantastic where it can run for nine hours and automatically shuts off if the water tank is empty.

In this section, we have seen different types of aromatherapy oil diffusers and the essential oils for diffusers. If you want to check the best diffuser for yourself, then check it online. 

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