Best Attars In India

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best attars in india

Attars are natural extracts which are known for their pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. Here we’ll discuss the best attars in India which are popular among men and women.

best attars in india

Attars exhibit enticing fragrance and aroma, where these are highly concentrated liquid obtained by hydrodistillation process using the different kinds of botanical sources. Large numbers of attars are available in the market, including – Mogra, Jasmine, Kesar, Hina, Rose, Mitti, Kewra attars, etc. All these attars possess their own fragrance and properties, therefore good for various purposes, including perfumes, cosmetics, and treating various ailments. These natural products are beneficial for soothing the mind and body and can uplift the mood while keeping the stress at bay. 

An exclusive range of alcohol-free perfumes or attars in India, as well as best attar in Dubai, can be purchased online. If you want to buy attars online, floral essential oils can be a perfect destination loaded with high-quality perfumes, essential oils, and attars.

Best Attars in India – A Quick Glimpse

There are hundreds of different types of attars available which have a mesmerizing fragrance to enhance the mood and balance the emotions. Attars are also used in rituals and ceremonies. Let’s have a close look at alcohol-free perfumes or attars in India.

Frangipani Attar

Frangipani Attar is one of the finest botanical extracts having an exclusive range of properties. It’s extracted by steam distillation and is a light yellow-colored liquid. Frangipani is an absolutely perfect attar along with effective medicinal properties as it provides relief from the headaches, inflammation, and skin problems. It is beneficial for skin concerns, providing relief from the dry skin, and also perfect for relaxation of muscles and nerves. Frangipani also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which is helpful for eliminating the free radicals and harmful toxins from the body. In addition, frangipani is good for treating aging and wrinkles problems. In the list of best attars in India, Frangipani ranks top.

Lotus Attar

Lotus, scientifically known as Nelumbo nucifera is used for extracting the world-class high fragrant lotus attar. It’s one of the finest natural extracts, majorly used in the perfumery industry, soap, and fragrant oils. Attar is used to eliminate mental exhaustion, bring calmness, and relax to mind in a hassle full lifestyle. Besides, this lotus’ chemical composition is such excellent that it makes it good for several other benefits such as for reducing the blood sugar level, protecting the heart, as well as good for skin, liver, and brain. Its fragrance is good for producing positive thoughts and keeps you in a state of happiness & joy. Lotus is widely used in the making of perfumes and in aromatherapy.

Kewda Attar

Kewda floral fragrance can ease mental stress and tension. It’s a wonderful natural product with an excellent range of therapeutic benefits. Kewda attar has a sweet rosy color, and also contains the refreshing property to enhance the mood, and balances the emotional feelings. Kewda is well-known for skin healing properties, providing glowing and healthy skin. It’s scientifically known as the Pandmns Odoratissimus and used for its soothing and calming effects. It’s excellent for respiratory issues, used as a flavoring agent, and good for preparing skin-care products. Kewda Attar is not only famous in India but also in different countries, and it’s one of the best attar in Dubai. If you want to buy attars online, you can visit the floral essential oils website.

Gulheena Attar

Gulheena attar is an amazing and quintessential natural product obtained from the Gulhina, which is a shrub that grows 1.8-7.6 m. Gul Hina has a sweet and exotic aroma, therefore preferably used in making perfumes. It contains marvelous properties with a refreshing fragrance and is very skin-friendly. It produces excellent outcomes whenever applied to the skin, and also promotes clarity of mind. It’s an excellent product for eliminating allergic reactions, anxiety, and depression issues. It’s useful for healing the emotional sufferings, such as sadness, grief, as well as instability of mind. 

Lily Attar

Lily flowers have their own charm and properties, therefore widely used in making perfumes as well in the medicinal world. These fragrant flowers are also used for the preparation of Lily’s attar. It belongs to the Liliaceae family. And exhibits mesmerizing aroma. Lily is considered as a stimulant and can influence the brain to a great extent. Meanwhile, it’s perfect for aromatherapy. It can relieve stress and negative emotions that impact our daily lifestyle. Lily attar falls under the category of best attar in Dubai.

Mitti Attar

Mitti attar is one of the traditional perfumes which is prepared by the fusion of baked earth along with water. It’s extracted from the steam distillation process. It is one of the most perfect attars with a wonderful fragrance and produces a glowing effect on the skin. Mostly it’s preferred for oily skin. Mesmerizing attar of Mitti possesses stress-relieving properties and brings the calmness of mind and body. This Natural attar can be used in your daily routine to boost your confidence and ease the day-to-day stress today.

Juhi Attar

Juhi attar is obtained from Jasminum Auriculatum and has an excellent fragrance. Therefore it used perfumery and aromatherapy. Its medicinal properties are quite effective in enhancing the skin glow and ease skin problems such as dryness, acne, blemishes, and rashes. Jahi’s essence is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of cosmetic and beauty products. Juhi attar is one of the finest and best attars in India.

Honeysuckle Attar

Honeysuckle Attar is well known for its excellent range of medicinal properties, where it’s good for treating the inflammatory properties, hair loss, wrinkles, and headaches. Moreover, it’s best for anxiety, stress and emotional imbalance, and mood disorders. It can bring excellent results in case of sleep problems, skin irritations, and hair problems. Honeysuckle is one of the best nature’s gifts having fragrant flowers that have the capability to mesmerize the inner. Its long-lasting effect makes it a good choice for aromatherapy, and fragrance items, soaps, skin lotions, and bath oils.

Floral Essential Oils – Buy Attars Online 

Floral essential oils is one of the well-recognized attar manufacturing firms which prepared natural attars by using traditional extraction techniques. We use the finest quality of botanical raw material for extracting the alcohol-free perfumes or attars in India. We provide an array of attars having a pleasant fragrance and contain the purity of nature. If you wish to buy attars online, you can book your order on our website; we will provide you the best attars in India.


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