Are Essential Oils Safe?

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Are Essential Oils Safe
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Natural essential oils obtained from the plant and have distinct properties, aroma, and characteristics. We should be clear with this question – are essential oils safe for babies, pets, or inhalation will be a good choice. 

Worldwide essential oils have deepened their roots in the context of the different types of health concerns such as digestive problems, respiratory disorders, stress, depression, liver malfunction, cardiovascular problem, headache, migraine, insomnia and many more. These natural essential oils have therapeutic properties such as sedative, analgesic, antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory etc. 

Presence of these properties allows us to rethink –

  • Which one should be used for a particular health problem?
  • What should be the appropriate quantity we must take? 
  • Where can we get the pure and natural essential oils?
  • Are essential oils safe to inhale?

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used for stress, anxiety, mood enhancement, and other types of mental fatigue. The molecules of natural essential oils influence the limbic system that is well known as the emotional centre that can control the emotions and thoughts. Worldwide essential oils are manufactured by different types of extraction process where it’s said that these natural products contain the essence of its source. 

As these natural oils have aromatic properties, and certain chemical composition, therefore, it would be better to identify which one will be better to deal with. For every health concern, there are multiple options prevailing in the market. The essential oils are being used by every age group, from babies to old aged people, and also on the pets. As the essential oils can be used in two different ways – one is topical applied, and another one is inhalation. Therefore, we should know are essential oils safe to inhale? Because this may produce an impact on the limbic system. 

Pets such as cats, dogs, cows, and birds may be impacted by essential oils. Therefore it should be good to know that are essential oils safe for pets? If we would not have enough knowledge, then it may be harmful to our pets.

What are Natural Essential Oils?

Essential oils are obtained through the plant, where they have the plant’s scent and flavour. Interestingly while extracting the natural oils plant parts such as leaves, bark, stem, root etc. could be used. These are highly concentrated volatile liquids having different colours & aroma. Also, natural oils have unique aromatic compounds that give distinct characteristics. The raw material is collected and used in the extraction process to extract the pure essential oils. The attributes of these natural oils make them good for various ailments and for different applications such as aromatherapy, soaps, perfumery, food and beverages. 

It’s also a fact that these natural essential oils have been used since ancient times, as the description of these natural oils is present in the Chinese, Indian, Greek and Arabian medicine books. These were popular for beauty enhancement and health purposes. Essential oils are used by means of massage or by inhalation where the molecules of the natural oils mix with the bloodstream and influence the brain’s limbic system. Lavender essential oil, peppermint, lemongrass, bergamot, lemon essential oils are a few natural oils that have the potential to enhance mood enhancement, relieving stress, anxiety, hypertension, digestion etc.

A Brief Introduction – Are Essential Oils Safe to Inhale?

Now let’s see how essential oil could be beneficial for babies, and how these should be used in order to get better results. Here we will explore the are essential oils safe for babies or pets. 

Essential Oils for Babies

A baby has very soft skin as well as developing an immune system. If we use the essential oils without proper consultation with a doctor, then it might produce harmful effects on the babies at all levels. The skin of babies is more sensitive as compared to the young person. If you dilute the essential oil, in some cases, it may cause skin irritation, allergic reaction, etc.. 

Furthermore, essential oils have the potential to influence the brain; therefore, higher concentration or inappropriate essential oils can lead to severe problems. Therefore it is important to know everything about the essential oils before using them. Always read how to use essential oils for babies whenever you buy the essential oil, and also keep it away from the babies. Because some essential oils can provide toxic effects, generally, it’s said that essential oils should not be used on infants under 3 months. Now you have got your answer – are essential oils safe for babies?

Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Many essential oils should be kept away from pets as these may be toxic for them. These natural products could be harmful to cats, dogs, or birds. If they consume these essential oils, they may have some sort of problems. Instead of showing good results on the pets, these have been proved to be harmful. 

However, less research has been conducted as compared to humans. Here it’s recommended that you should not apply essential oils either be topically or orally, which could be more hazardous. 

In the case of cats following essential oils are considered to be toxics including – citrus, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, and ylang-ylang.

While in the context of the dogs, these are the essential oils that are considered to be poisonous – pennyroyal oil, pine oil, tea tree oil, and wintergreen oil.

Uses of Essential Oil

The essential oil can provide better results whenever applied topically or inhaled. To decrease the concentration of essential oils, these are mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, and olive oil. On mixing with these carrier oils, the diluted essential oil becomes safe to use; however, it depends upon certain other conditions as well.

 By the diffusion mechanism, the molecules of essential oils spread into the air where these affect the limbic system of the brain. And helpful in aromatherapy to reduce the mental tiredness, stress, depression and anxiety-related problems. 

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The above two uses of essential oils are effective for different health concerns.

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