Are Attars And Essential Oils The Same?

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Essential Oils Manufactures

Attar (Hindi/Urdu), otherwise called attar, is an essential oil got from herbal sources. Most regularly these oils are removed by means of hydro or steam refining. They can likewise be communicated by substance implies yet commonly regular perfumes which qualify as attars are refined with water. The oils are for the most part refined into a wood base like sandalwood and afterward matured. The maturing period can endure from one to a decade relying upon the botanicals utilized and the outcomes wanted. In fact, Attars are distillates of blossoms, spices, flavors, and other normal materials, for example, prepared soil over sandalwood oil/fluid paraffin utilizing hydro refining procedure with deg and bhapka. These methods are as yet being used today by the essential oil manufacturers of Kannauj and various other essential oil manufacturers in many parts of India. This is one of the most seasoned normal fragrant materials, almost 5000 years of age. Essential oils have a vintage and royal importance attached to them.

Attars also have extraordinary clinical and medicinal worth and they are by and large grouped in light of their impact on the human body, for example, warm attars like musk, golden, and Kesar (saffron) are utilized in winters, they increment the internal heat level. Cool attars like rose, jasmine, khus, kewda, and mogra are utilized in summers and have a cooling impact on the body.

There were numerous assortments of Attar which could be utilized at various seasons. A portion of the famous aromas utilized in the winters were warm notes of the Hina that was ready from Saffron and Musk. A couple of instances of the warm Attar included Amber, Musk, Oud, and Saffron. They were utilized to expand the internal heat level during cold seasons. Cool Attars were utilized in summer to bring some cooling impact on the body. Attars have been a part of the rich heritage of India. Every dynasty or ruler had a specific fragrance, hence consequently essential oils have the same role.

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