Antioxidant Mask For The Summers

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Essential Oils Manufactures in Delhi

This sumptuous orange blossom is enough in cancer prevention agents from Vitamin C and Matcha, with French Green Clay, and has a rich and astounding aroma from Neroli (orange blossom). Utilizing a facial cover consistently will keep your skin delicate, smooth, and spoiled, and this veil is no exemption. Pure neroli essential oil is available at many premium essential oil manufacturers in India, essential oil wholesale distributor or they are even available online and is known for their great cancer-fighting properties.

Gear You’ll Need

  • Glass or non-metal blending bowl

  • Estimating cups/spoons or scale


Fixing Kitchen

  • Green Clay Montmorillonite     3 Cups

  • Arrowroot Powder                    1 ¾ Cups

  • USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea    ¼ Cup

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)             1 ¾ Tsp

  • Neroli Essential Oil                        1 Tbsp

  • Honey Powder (OPTIONAL)   ¼ Cup

Headings – Antioxidant Orange Blossom Mask

  1. Place all ingredients EXCEPT for Neroli essential oil into an enormous glass or other non-metal blending bowls.

  2. Utilize a wooden spoon or other non-metal utensils to combine ingredients as one.

  3. When dry ingredients are blended, add neroli essential oil and blend once more.

  4. Fill into containers and appreciate! This cover can be hydrated with water or some other fluid of decision. When hydrated, any unused piece ought to be disposed of right away.

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