5 Essential Oils for Premature Ejaculation

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essential oils Premature Ejaculation 
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When orgasm accelerates too quickly or becomes uncontrollable, premature ejaculation results. Because they have little orgasm warning, men who prematurely ejaculate may not be able to delay an orgasm. Both the affected person and their partner may experience less sexual satisfaction as a result of premature ejaculation. Exercises can help delay ejaculation and there are home remedies for premature ejaculation. It will assist someone in developing greater sensory awareness and control. 

causes of early ejaculation 

  • Psychiatric Problems 
  • Men who are having psychological problems may ejaculate too early. Additionally, it might cause early ejaculation. The following are some things that men should immediately avoid: 
  • Having a new partner can cause performance anxiety, as can being insecure about your abilities. 
  • After a protracted period of abstinence, the fear of having sex again 
  • insufficient self-confidence 
  • a sense of guilt 
  • overstimulation or excitement 
  • issues in relationships 
  • Depression 
  • biological reasons why menstruation occurs too soon 
  • low neurotransmitter levels 
  • excessive hormone levels 
  • inherited qualities 
  • infection of the prostate 
  • Prostate disease  

If you have been experiencing premature ejaculation on a consistent basis, it is important to see a doctor. Sometimes talking to a doctor and getting the assurance that premature ejaculation is normal can help a man feel less stressed. Some men who are seeking medical attention for their symptoms might find it awkward to strike up a conversation with the doctor when they meet them for the first time. It is crucial to talk about and share any details the patient’s recent and past sexual and romantic relationships that the doctor may require. Stress reduction is crucial. Stressing the situation won’t do anything but make it worse. Treatment for premature ejaculation is crucial in all circumstances. 

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Top essential oils for Premature Ejaculation

1. Clove Oil

Several characteristics of clove oil make it a strong candidate for causing early ejaculation. When applied to the penis head and shaft, it works as a mild anesthetic and natural pain reliever to help you reduce penis numbness.   

According to a study, clove oil had no unfavorable effects but did lengthen ejaculations and improve men’s satisfaction during sexual encounters. In a different study, rats were given clove oil orally, which without any negative side effects increased their libido and sexual activity in as many as 50% of the rats. 

The active ingredient in clove oil, eugenol, has anesthetic, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal properties when it is extracted from the bud of the plant rather than the leaves or stems. 

When applied topically to the penis, it can delay ejaculation because of this. It acts as an anesthetic and lessens sensitivity (much like clove treats tooth pain). 

2. Lavender Oil  

Because it relieves pain, lavender oil aids in delaying ejaculation. 

According to a study, the aromas of pumpkin pie and lavender help the penis’ blood flow. Only the smell of lavender significantly raised everyone’s level of arousal; this was not topical oil. 

Another study discovered that inhaling lavender oil significantly lessens stress, anxiety, and needle pain. Inhaling lavender oil lowers sperm damage and enhances the reproductive system, according to a rat study. 

A study that looked at how smells affected dental patients discovered that the aromas of orange and lavender helped them feel less anxious and happier. 

Anxiety and stress are two major contributors to premature ejaculation, among other factors. You are more likely to ejaculate quickly and possibly lose control when you’re under stress. Lavender oil has been shown in studies to lessen stress and anxiety, which will improve your sex and give you complete control over ejaculation. 

3. Thyme Oil 

Thyme oil helps to increase blood circulation, reduce anxiety, and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. 

According to a study on the advantages of thyme oil, it enhances blood circulation and keeps you active. Another investigation looked at how thyme oil affected rats’ anxiety. According to the findings, it might be able to lessen anxiety. 

Ideal characteristics for delaying ejaculation include reducing anxiety and enhancing blood circulation. Thyme oil applied to your penis can help you postpone ejaculation and prolong your time in bed. 

4. Winter Savory Oil 

The Mediterranean region is home to the bushy shrub known as winter savory (satureja montana). Years ago, the winter savory and its extract were used to treat a variety of conditions, including early ejaculation. 

According to a study, giving male rats winter savory extract orally both delays and treats premature ejaculation without causing any negative side effects. The extract was administered orally to the participants for 8 days in a row, which improved their sexual performance and delayed ejaculation. 

There hasn’t been any human experimentation research done yet. 

Before engaging in sexual activity, you should massage your penis gently and apply winter savory oil topically to prevent ejaculation. 

5. Rosemary Essential Oil 

Numerous advantages of rosemary oil include its potential to stop premature ejaculation. Although rosemary oil hasn’t been tested for its effect on premature ejaculation, it has a number of qualities that make it a strong contender. 

These two studies demonstrate the pain-relieving benefits of rosemary oil. Its effectiveness as a stress reliever has been supported by numerous studies, including these three. According to one study, rosemary oil significantly enhances blood circulation. 

Additionally, according to a patent, rosemary oil and other essential oils can treat premature ejaculation. 

To relieve stress, boost blood flow, and slightly numb your penis, apply rosemary topically or inhale it. It only requires 1-2 drops because it is so concentrated. 

Exercise to induce early ejaculation 

The length of time it takes to reach climax can be significantly reduced by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This kind of exercise aids in the treatment of premature ejaculation. 

How should I exercise my pelvic floor muscles? 

Find the right muscles by stopping to pee in the middle or by putting extra strain on the ones that are preventing you from accelerating. 

Lean back. Four seconds of pelvic floor muscle contraction is followed by four seconds of relaxation. At least ten times in a row, continue doing this. At least three times per day, do this. As your muscles get stronger, you may gradually increase the number of seconds. 

Try different stances while sitting, standing, or walking. Keep your breath in mind, and only concentrate on your pelvic floor muscles. Do not tense your buttocks, thighs, or abs. 

For early ejaculation, use Ayurvedic medicine

India’s traditional medical system is called ayurveda. To treat everything, we use countless herbs. Even early ejaculation is acceptable. When taken twice daily with lukewarm water, certain Ayurvedic medications like Kamini Vidrawan Ras, Kaunch Beej, and Yauvanamrit Vati are said to treat premature ejaculation naturally. Erectile dysfunction is also treated with ayurvedic medicine. According to one study, men who used Ayurvedic medicine took a little longer to ejaculate during sex. The market is flooded with ayurvedic treatments for early ejaculation. Before making a purchase, do your homework. 

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